Favourite things: pansies, peanut butter, rainy nights, chocolate cake, fresh notebooks, ladybugs, Sopranos.

I've always loved stationery. When I was a kid, I searched endlessly for notebooks to fill, and cards I could send to my penpals. As an adult, I could never quite find what I wanted—the cards were usually cheesy with ugly colour schemes. So I started making my own handmade cards and selling them at the coffee shop I worked in. I sold so many! But I gave it up, cause I'm lazy (...and they weren't very good, honestly). A few years later, I went to school for graphic design and started making cards again—this time with a tiny bit more skill. 

Since then, my little business has grown more than I ever expected, and I've found myself working on cards, tote bags, and art prints every single day! I love it so much. You know when people say, "you gotta find something in life that makes you light up"? This is that thing for me and I can't believe I get to do it. 

Thanks so much to everyone who's ever bought something I designed. You have no idea the impact it has on my tiny, stupid heart. 

-Mel Zee xo

info@neonpeach.ca    Vancouver, Canada

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